The Gift Of Business

10 17, 2018
The Gift of Business

What makes a good Christmas present? It’s a question you hear all the time, and one that will continue to be asked until the reindeers come home. Should you get them something personal, something meaningful, something that they explicitly put on their list, and is money even acceptable??

Gift giving can be a fickle thing. Some people get just as stressed about finding the right gift as they do about seeing the relatives around that time of year. Then there are corporate gifts and gifts you give to your business clients. What is appropriate while also being meaningful and impactful? There are so many variables when thinking about the different situations of giving a gift that I could ramble on for hours.

I’ll warn you though I’m not here to tell you what to get your siblings for Christmas, I am here to help you think about the different directions you could go with this year’s Christmas gift to those who help sign your cheques.

The first thing to consider is what you want the gift to say about your company. Are you wanting to keep it simple and classy? Are you wanting to make a statement? What about giving something that will actually get used? Maybe a mixture of a few of those? Figure out how you want your brand to be represented and reflect that in the gift you give.

Maybe you’re thinking a nice gift basket will do the trick. You’re not wrong, gift baskets tend to be enjoyable gifts to open up, seeing what might be included. They are an easy gift and can still create a lasting impact depending on what might be inside. Now how about spicing it up a little bit? How about if you took that gift basket and gave it a little bit more thought. Choose a theme for the gift basket. What if it was centered around Christmas baking, or family games night, what if it was a fondue theme. Get together as a group and have a little brainstorming session and you may be surprised that with a little more thought a standard gift basket can become more fun and unique.

What if you are really looking at giving something different and off the beaten path this year? That’s not uncommon. Nowadays you may see companies trying to get noticed with a seemingly very different gift to clients and business partners around the holiday season, in hopes to be remembered and thought about in the coming year. You can start thinking about maybe supporting something local, find a cool product or item that is made right there where you are and support them while also giving a unique gift. Maybe it’s more of a one-off item like some custom labelled beer, or a mixology set. How about something that is themed towards the season and could be used around the house such as a tree star or advent calendar. There are so many things that could be given that it may seem overwhelming.

In fact if this all seems like too much trouble for you to worry about during your already busy Christmas holiday schedule, I happen to know a really good creative agency that will be able to help you complete your holiday gift giving wishes and impress your clients so that they will continue to develop your business relationship for years to come.

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