Time To Get Real

11 23, 2018
Time To Get Real

I really dislike selfies. I hate the word, I hate the act, I hate the related accessories. Maybe I’m getting cranky as I get older, or maybe it’s not selfies in themselves that I hate, rather the narcissism and insincerity that typically comes in tow.

Watching my seven-year-old niece play with the camera on my phone highlighted this for me. What started as a game of silly faces on Snapchat, soon became a drawn-out process of her wanting to have each picture reshot so she could perfect her smile and pose. The best photo from that batch turned out to be the most spontaneous one, one where her face is scrunched up at the dog who photobombed the picture to lick her face.

In an age of self-obsession to be perfect and look perfect – I think we should celebrate the authentic.

The #UNselfie movement has reframed the “selfie” act into one that I can get on board with. The premise is simple, take a photo of yourself holding a sign that lists the cause you support and/or why you give. Typically, your face is covered with the sign to draw attention to the message and flip the intent of a selfie. Upload the photo onto social media with the hashtag #UNselfie.

The idea for the #UNselfie came from Matthew Bishop, one of the creators of GivingTuesday (read my post from last year on this global event). Matthew says that “The unselfie is emphatically not about showing off or advertising how virtuous you are being, it is a way of saying, this cause is important to me—and seeing that, the people who take an interest in you may be inspired to look more deeply into the causes you support, or to think about, and hopefully unselfie, the causes that matter to them."

Instead of uploading yet another flattering photo of yourself, why not get real and represent what truly matters to you? If you want to get involved further - GivingTuesday is November 27th this year offering you a chance to look beyond your camera phone and do something selfless for your community.

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